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Back With a Vengence

So this is the official return to regular posting here on Exquisite Courts.  Everyone welcome our (sort of) new writer, Roy.

To celebrate Roy seemingly coming back from the dead, here’s a look at the sultry Big Cactus.

See you later today.

Change We Can Believe In

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, are old or young, or live in a Red or a Blue state, you cannot deny that sweeping change is about to consume this great nation.

And I couldn’t be more excited to be living in the new America.

It doesn’t hurt that our new Commander-in-Chief can hoop.  I’m reluctant to say anything about this, because it obviously should not be a focal point of Obama the leader, but it happens to be a major component of Barack the human.  On the one hundred and seventeenth anniversary of the VERY FIRST game of basketball, I’m proud to celebrate the arrival of Barack Obama, the Fourty-Fourth President of the United States of America.

Two Shots

Via Tread

Danny Granger is a…Platypus?

Great read over at NBAMate.

It’s hilarious.

We Are All Witnesses, Especially the Celtics

If you had no idea who Lebron James was before Friday night (may the higher powers be merciful upon your soul if you didn’t), now you do.

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Dee Brown Waived: I Can’t Get Behind That

News outta the desert: Dee Brown is no longer a Phoenix Sun.

Maybe because I grew up watching him play at Illinois, I like him more than he deserves, but Brown should be on an NBA roster.  I can think of at least a few teams (Golden State, Boston, Portland) who could use a backup or third string PG, something that Dee can readily be.

I just can’t get behind Brown getting cut.

Granger Rising

Few things have been surprising so far in this 2008-2009 NBA campaign.  The Celtics are good, the Thunder are (is? I hate teams with nicknames that don’t end in an “S”) bad, LeBron is dominating, Larry Hughes isn’t (what do you expect from a guy with a website named after his suckitude?) and Marbury is still a cancer.  One surprising story of the first third is the emergence of a guy who played college ball at New Mexico, was drafted outside of the lottery and is holding together a franchise in a basketball-crazy area.

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