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Saturday Box-And-One

So I decided on a new “segment” if you will.  It’s called the Saturday Box-And-One, and really it’s just a glorified link dump.  But hey, it’s OUR glorified link dump. Here we go:

1.) Skipping right past the goggles and into the operating room:  Amare Stoudemire will miss the remainder of the season after detaching a retina in Thursday’s game against the Clippers. It’s well known by most of you already, but the injury is going to do a lot to keep Phoenix out of the playoffs and could have an influence on whether STAT stays in the desert or not.

2.) Hey, at least they still have Marquette to root for: Things just keep getting worse for the Milwaukee Bucks, as LBJ drops 55 as the Cavs zoom past them.  This is LeBron’s SEVENTH career fifty point game, second only to Kobe for active players.  (Plus, Kobe’s got a few years on him.  The King is a stud.)

3.) A sad note: Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller died Friday at the age of 64.  Our hearts go out to the Jazz family.

4.) KG to miss three games with sprained right knee: Basically speaks for itself.  Garnett was sent back to Boston on Friday to get the MRI on said knee.

5.) Report: Warriors reject trade that would send Baron to Golden State for Maggette and Marcus Williams: Apparently, this has been confirmed by a team official too.  Seems pretty interesting that LA even offers this deal, which if accepted would basically be both GM’s saying “We screwed up.”

There you have it.  The inaugural Saturday Box-And-One. See you next Saturday.


Losing Money During a Renaissance

It’s unprecedented to think that a league that has finally shed itself of the stigma that hung over it in the post-Jordan era is losing money and racking up debt.  But according to this article, the NBA is borrowing $175 million that will ultimately help up to 15 teams offset decreasing streams of revenue.  It’s arguable that we’re on the verge or are entering another Golden Age of the Association, and it’s a shame that the current economy puts a damper over it.

Not since the Great Depression has the economy affected professional sports more than in the past year or so, and today’s trading deadline is proof of that.  No big blockbuster trades, no moves for championship contention.  99% of the trades made were made for one reason: money.  I mean, when Larry Hughes’ contract is the centerpiece of a deal, you know times are bad.  Never before has an expiring contract been worth so much to so many.

(Yeah, that’s Larry Hughes.  Apparently those women aren’t attracted to a nice jumpshot.)

The most bizarre part of the deadline was the take-backs of the Tyson Chandler trade.  The move was purely for monetary reasons from the NOLA side, and yet they cannot catch a break on that one.  Must have been awkward for the two teams playing on the same court two nights ago.

Shoals wrote a nice little piece about the current state of the NBA’s economy, and you can read it HERE.

HERE’s Hollinger’s grades of the deadline deals from

I leave you with a Garbage Time All-Stars comic that represents the feeling of today’s deadline well.  If you haven’t already, check out these guys.  They write and draw some good shit.

Be Easy,


46 is the new 23

Happy Birthday to my man Michael Jeffrey Jordan aka Air Jordan aka His Airness aka The Best Ever (well, arguably). Without this guy, the NBA would not be as exciting as it is today. The best shooting guards playing today modelled their game off this guy (most notably Kobe). He is the epitome of the word great and has never disappointed on the court. I know people say that your parents should be your heroes, but this guy is mine. I leave you with some of his great moments.

Probably the Most Exciting Part of the 2009 NBA All-Star Game

It was pretty meh.

Spring-Heeled Nate

The best dunk won.  As impressive as the 12-foot rim, the toss from the stands, or Fernandez catching it from behind the glass was, Nate took the cake.  He’s the first one to come anywhere close to Dwight in the theatrical department, and it payed off.  KryptoNate leaped over a tall forward in a single bound, all while sporting the Sprite colors.  Can’t wait until the Knicks play the Magic next (Wednesday the 25th of February).  I wanna new rivalry.

The horse competition needs work.  I know, it IS the inaugural year and all, but it needs to be more entertaining.  Maybe getting some feistier guys in there next year will help.  Like that one Italian guy.

Cook won the ThreePointShootout, and the world moves on.  Derrick Rose blew Devin Harris away in the Skills Competition, which featured arguably the best dunk of the night.

Enjoy the game tomorrow, people.

This. Is. The. Greatest. Video. Ever.

Oh my god.

Brings tears to my eyes.

Big ups to moose forintroducing me to this piece of art.  Thanks, buddy.