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Straight Outta 1959

Via A Blog Supreme.

Hot diggity damn. Lee Morgan!  Wayne Shorter!   Classic version of A Night in Tunisia, maybe the best.

Wingin’ It With Foye

A few noticeables:

-The guardian angel kid has a slick lefty stroke.  In a dress shirt, nonetheless.

-For some reason, Randy Foye was very surprised when he blinked into existence in that gym.  Also, he was already wearing a Bennett Bears jersey.  Was he wearing that before he was summoned?

-Why is Randy associating with tween angels?

-Could they only get Randy Foye for this guest spot?  The kid who sucks at basketball also feels obligated to mention that Randy’s in the NBA. Throwin’ him a bone.

-That was a terrible looking dribble drill around the two kids.

Remember what Randy said, honeybunnies. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

46 is the new 23

Happy Birthday to my man Michael Jeffrey Jordan aka Air Jordan aka His Airness aka The Best Ever (well, arguably). Without this guy, the NBA would not be as exciting as it is today. The best shooting guards playing today modelled their game off this guy (most notably Kobe). He is the epitome of the word great and has never disappointed on the court. I know people say that your parents should be your heroes, but this guy is mine. I leave you with some of his great moments.

This. Is. The. Greatest. Video. Ever.

Oh my god.

Brings tears to my eyes.

Big ups to moose forintroducing me to this piece of art.  Thanks, buddy.