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Saturday Box-And-One

So I decided on a new “segment” if you will.  It’s called the Saturday Box-And-One, and really it’s just a glorified link dump.  But hey, it’s OUR glorified link dump. Here we go:

1.) Skipping right past the goggles and into the operating room:  Amare Stoudemire will miss the remainder of the season after detaching a retina in Thursday’s game against the Clippers. It’s well known by most of you already, but the injury is going to do a lot to keep Phoenix out of the playoffs and could have an influence on whether STAT stays in the desert or not.

2.) Hey, at least they still have Marquette to root for: Things just keep getting worse for the Milwaukee Bucks, as LBJ drops 55 as the Cavs zoom past them.  This is LeBron’s SEVENTH career fifty point game, second only to Kobe for active players.  (Plus, Kobe’s got a few years on him.  The King is a stud.)

3.) A sad note: Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller died Friday at the age of 64.  Our hearts go out to the Jazz family.

4.) KG to miss three games with sprained right knee: Basically speaks for itself.  Garnett was sent back to Boston on Friday to get the MRI on said knee.

5.) Report: Warriors reject trade that would send Baron to Golden State for Maggette and Marcus Williams: Apparently, this has been confirmed by a team official too.  Seems pretty interesting that LA even offers this deal, which if accepted would basically be both GM’s saying “We screwed up.”

There you have it.  The inaugural Saturday Box-And-One. See you next Saturday.


Dee Brown Waived: I Can’t Get Behind That

News outta the desert: Dee Brown is no longer a Phoenix Sun.


Maybe because I grew up watching him play at Illinois, I like him more than he deserves, but Brown should be on an NBA roster.  I can think of at least a few teams (Golden State, Boston, Portland) who could use a backup or third string PG, something that Dee can readily be.

I just can’t get behind Brown getting cut.